Okay, Digital Design for a title is rather vague and "all encompassing", so we'll elaborate - but only a little.

If you have images you need to have;

  • altered in size, or shape
  • repaired
  • or altered in another fashion

For instance, we have scanned and rebuilt original photographs suffering scratches, tears and water damage.

Then come the design part.

We can create, edit, or republish imagery and documents for laser and offset printing (and on materials for signage).

We can design new logos for you.
If you love your current logo, but don't have it digitized then we can make it digital.

If it is digital, but you need it altered a little, then yeah, we have you covered.

In this day and age you need to be ready for print, web, paper, tablet, computer, phone and TV.

Plus all the finished work we have for you is provided to you on a DVD.

Some companies have different pricing for tasks they perform for you relating to your logo, branding and other design.

Some charge you a low price to "make" them, but then charge you fees per use, type of use, or to get a copy of the file to pass along to another company.

We do have some usage restrictions for some tasks, but rest assured, we have no hidden or surprise fees.

Did that sound cryptic? Don't fret!

We have a full explanation  HERE

We wish to let you know your rights, and protect your rights - as well as our own.

Our prices are extremely competitive and quality is second to none.

How do we know?
Our Clients checked...


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