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Our clients have varied needs, and we have found that they also like to have some semblance of control over things. Many web companies charge you a fee to make, edit, change, look at, and think of your website.

Initially though they tell you it's cheap, and then all the hidden costs come in. Or they make something awesome only they can change, for a high hourly rate. Or worse, they charge you too little because it's your cousin taking a web design course in highschool you get complete crap.

In the end, you should know how the costs work, and not be out of pocket just to change a typo.

We make sites you control, just depends on how much work you want to do or how much stuff you want to learn.

We build our sites on Joomla. It's a content management system that is database driven. It means your stuff can be imported and exported (not always simply, but nonetheless) so you can always at least have your data regardless of the state of the site. (think backups)

It's also dynamic, meaning almost everything about your site can be created, turned off and on or changed on the fly.

It's also completely free.

You pay for your host, and ensure they can run Joomla. You pay us to make your site, images, place text, links, etc. You then can edit it anytime from any web browser anywhere.

Galleries, e-commerce, newsletters, rss feeds, blogs, you name it, we can set it up.

Just about all of its additional features, like a newsletter, are made by other developers. Normally they have a basic version for free, and a more "Professional" version for a price. In most cases our clients have had great success just remaining in the free world. But we highly recommend you buy or donate to the developers iof the things you use, to help them keep on keeping on.

Lastly, the price?

Well all clients have different needs, so there's a range, and though it's all free but you may need to pay someone to make it go. Additionally you have hosting fees. You have domain name fees. And since Joomla and its extensions or software, you need to update them, either yourself, or pay another to do it (like us on a maintenance contract).

Cost wise, it's much less than you think. And saves much more than you think. Mainly, because every step of the way YOU can do everything the basic site requires without always having to pay.

In the end, wouldn't you rather have control?

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