We got tired of spending an arm and a leg on offset printing, so we set up an arrangement with some companies. So no, we don't have a $1.5 million dollar off set press on site. We're realistic, and let the guy that does that the best do the things we need.

The massive difference between Ink and Laser is simply quality and durability. Plus, for the fine stuff, ink makes a far crisper image.

Pretty much anything you need on paper, we can supply.

We can produce black and white copies (per usual) or full colour digital laser.

printing-01However, we prefer to provide full colour CMYK Printed products and spot colour products for those Pantone fanatics.

We can even provide raised and metallic ink productions, spot lamination, custom die cut products, and of course Foil.

All kinds of paper, synthetic materials and sizes are available.

Send us original logos and graphics, or let us rebuild or create new ones for you.

We have extensive experience in Graphic Design and can rise to many challenges provided by our clientelle.

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