Go ahead and flash that product...
...no one will call the cops.

Polo Wall InstallationEveryone likes to show something off and businesses are no different.

We've been performing installations for larger merchandising companies for years now - and we're pretty gosh darned good at it.

Many box stores simply hire one firm to oversee a new fixture or signage installation, and in turn source out to companies like ours locally to perform the task - which we love of course.

In conjunction with other installers all over Canada and the US, we help the stores launch new ad campaigns simultaneously across all of their locations at once.

Not all installs are the same though, and sometimes, being among the first to perform an installation (thanks time zones) we have the joy of working out a solution to a problem that everyone else then gets to skip over from the start. It's pretty cool being the "first" - but it can be hard being the guinea-pig.

What it means for you is that we are used to working in large and small groups, taking direction from project managers, and of course, managing our own responsibilities - and solutions, and implementing the directive on time, and on budget.

If you have ordered equipment from a local builder, or are looking for an installer to get your displays up to date, move, altered or even simply removed, then you've come to the right place.

If you're a merchandising company looking for another local installer, we have the experience and discretion to fit your needs.

Our certifications include WHMIS, Fall Arrest Training, and licensing for Aerial Lifts. We adhere to municipal and provincial OHS guidelines.

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