The Artistic Side

Pictures can say a thousand words - so they say, but most aren't very chatty in themselves. We add the story line or the anecdote and everyone has an emotional response - be it simply to be introspective, or to laugh, chuckle, tear up or cry. So really, it's our memories and experiences of our life, the people, place and the things that make what we see so personally descriptive - we've added the narrative.

Art in itself helps to simply bring another perspective to a thing, a time, a place, a person, a thought that already exists in your life. Sometimes exposing your mind to something outside of your experience. Art ultimately says things without even needing someone to explain the illustration you're seeing.

For us, we draw things to add another perspective, another point of view. A photo of a beach can be gorgeous. but a camera rarely captures an emotion, and when it does it is normally out of context. You can take a picture of a family member who you love, and you can even take the photo with love, but in the end the viewer's own mood will heartily overwhelm the photo. Draw or paint the same photo, and with each colour, or brush stroke your caring of the subject comes through and coerces the viewer's emotions to enter twine with the image and voila! You have transferred that moment directly into the consciousness of another.

Of course I have seen photos that do this, but they are rare, and unique - and highly prized, just like the art. For us, we like to play.

Drawing and painting and illustrating are not just a hobby. And no matter how we try, we cannot escape the emotion that our subjects create, and unlike a camera, each image will forever be unique no matter how many times you recreate it.

And sometimes? You can eat the art too!


We draw things, and sometimes we even take requests.

My forté is pen and ink, pencil and graphite.

Sherry's forté is water colour, pastels and colored pencil illustrations.

However, we have been known to offer water colour, pastels and colored pencil illustrations.

John is more black and white with shades of grey, and Sherry takes the more colourful approach...


Pen and Ink illustrations are pretty much the same graphite, only a little wetter.

Shading, tone and depth are normally a little harsher, and more technical.

But of course, we have tricks up our sleeves so that from 5 feet away, you'd never know.... That's the trick though. Make something appear to be something out of something you would never expect.

Sometimes, we even get it rite.

Contact us with your project details, be they of that cherished pet, the nature photo you just have to have as an artistic impression or even a portraiture.

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