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We prefer plain English, common sense terms. Legaleze can be made available, but frankly if you don't have common sense, then you cannot play here.

Basically, play nice, respect others, and try not to be a big meanie sad face.

We log all IP addresses that access this site.
If you are bad, we will know.

We do track access stats that include;

  • browser used
  • time of access
  • pages viewed
  • and other similar details collected by Google Analytics and other trackers.

We do not collect names or other identifying bits of personal information other than what you give us yourself in a form, email or phoone call.

If such information does get collected by an automatic stats manager, we keep the data in our strictest confidence and will not release it to anyone unless they have a warrant.

If we are presented with a warrant, we will inform you as soon as possible so that you may act to protect your interests.

We do not sell or data mine information, client details or other bits of info to anyone or any company.

The data we collect is simply to track effectiveness of our site and protect copywritten and trademarked information.

Sit back, read, learn, ask, offer, be nice.
  1. You are allowed to view the content and use features that you have access to
  2. You are allowed to contact us regarding topics and information on this site
  3. You are allowed to share "www.axiomdesigns.ca" as a link to networking sites, friends and coworkers
  4. You may ask for permission to reproduce sections of the site, permission may not be granted.
  5. Membership for certain areas and offers on this site may be required for access. Membership may not be granted.

If you think it's wrong it likely is.
  1. don't hack the site or areas you do not have access to or a password for.
  2. don't copy the look of the site, its operation, or design, or look of the logo or its design, custom code or its design
  3. don't copy or reproduce any of our client's logos or imagery or information.
  4. don't contact any of the clients, their projects are for display purposes only, not advertising. Please contact us first.
  5. don't take screen shots, copy, reproduce any text, image or anything else on this site. Ever.
  6. do not post direct links to our pages on any other site, any where, anytime. This includes social networking sites.
    -- This causes spam and we don't need more spam.
  7. do not slander anyone or any company on this site or on another site that references this site
  8. do not post complaints, email them or phone them in so we can address them, our site is not a soapbox, that's what Yelp is for *lawlz*.

If anyone is found to breach these Terms, legal action will be taken immediately.
By Viewing and Using this site, you agree to these Terms.

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