The only way you can make waves at the dock...
...without getting yelled at.

So you got a great deal, or spent a crazy amount of money on a new toy - be it new to you, or fresh off the plant assembly line.

Either way, it's time to make it look even better!

You have your naming ceremony all ready to go, now if only you had the finishing touch - the name decal. Opps!

Well, not only can we design, redesign, make, cut, produce and other wise provide that name decal...

We also provide onsite installation of registration, name and custom decals. Even one's you got from somewhere else.

We have the experience to remove old decals without harming your gel coat - buffing oxidation extra. We can then replace with a new duplicate of the original.

Actually, we'd prefer it if you did the work to clean up the area after we remove the decals and residue, after all, we all know one shiny spot on an oxidized gel coat just looks weird, and no one can buff her up like an owner...

So, you supply the boat, the jet ski, the zodiac or kayak, some naming ideas or your thoughts on design, and we can provide some proofs, the final design, material, production and installation.

I can't say we love installing decals onto a bow from a zodiac, but sometimes an installer has to do what an installer has to do.

Some things are apparent though... we're not going to decal below a waterline, that would just be silly. Yes, at time's we're silly, but that that's simply too silly.


Decals make your toys go faster.
Well, okay, no they don't.

But they can help it look even cooler.

We can wrap portions of farings and fenders with custom materials, designs, or printed images.

Ultimately the limit is pretty much only your imagination - in conjunction with the budget.

SImply bring us the parts you want to have modified. It's normally easier to drop off a fender than a whole bike.

From your favourite crotch rocket, chopper or even  your little tike's little trike, we can get some designs happening.


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