Get your motor running. Head out on the...
...never mind.

truck-05You have a business, you want advertising so people know all about you. Well we can help you with advertising that actually has a ROI.

Box signs and lawn signs and blah blah are all fine and good, but what really gets noticed isn't always a $20,000 pylon sign. It's rarely the big huge one page add in Yellow Pages that is costing you $1000+ a month per year for eight phone calls.

Now if your pylon sign randomly appeared around town, well heck yeah that would grab attention, or if your yellow pages ad had angel voices sound whenever people oened to your page, well that would be really cool too.

Sadly, none of that's ever - and I mean ever - going to happen.

The salvation for you is that you already have a way to reach thousands of people every day, and likely you've been thinking it's too pricey to use effectively.

Of course we want your money too, the thing is though? We don't want all of it, and we're loathe to see our clients waste it.

We want you to have some left in the kitty that can grow, travel, expand, and hire more staff from the ROI of the services we provide you with. It makes you happy and us proud.

Considering the cost of a Yellow pages add, no wonder you're a bit peeved at ad prices. Even we as advertisers think some prices are frankly ridiculous.

The reality is that it costs around $2000 to paint a car with one colour standard paint, maybe some clear coat and maybe some body work.

How much a stem to stern vehicle wrap can cost?

Let's take a small smart car, head to toe, roughly $1500-$2k. A Pontiac Vibe or Kia Sportage about $3k. A Savanna Van, bumper to bumper, top to bottom, windows included? $4k and so on.

Plus it has the added advantage of being able to illustrate anything you want. It's removable for vehicle sale, and amazingly it can protect paint. None of the nasty UV damage after a year.

Take that Yellow pages add, full page for a year - $12000 and up.

zamboniSo isn't it about time you had advertising that paid you back?

Let's take the photos you have of the massive expensive home you renovated, slap it on a truck you own, add some contact details and happy feel good colours and you sir and/or madame have yourselves a winning ROI for advertising.

Business cards can't sell your quality, but true life photos or anything in between sure does.

But too, there's one distinct advantage to a decal vs paint.

When you go to sell, you can peel the decal and leave the stock paint in place.

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