Just because you have windows...
your business doesn't need to be completely transparent.

While you're looking out, see the people stopping to look in.

Covering windows with full printed photos, simple cut graphics for names, or even designs with the etch vinyl to create the frosted look.

From a shear advertising stand point, you have space that could be utilized to increase your sales.

Your windows are potentially one of the largest free areas for you to advertise or display your business offerings for maximum exposure at minimum cost.

Not only can it help create a sleeker look for your storefront, or for your office, it can help raise the appearance of professionalism and help focus what people see to better relate your products and services to them.

Everyone is doing it, shouldn't you?

Well, unless peer pressure worked on you in school, it's more than likely that as a business owner you're above that, so let's appeal to the logical side.

No one likes seeing a messy office!

Use Etch! It lets light in but keeps the clutter out of view!
Still not convinced? Okay.

How about Privacy.

Many of our clients from spas to law firms all have something sensitive happening in some office or another at some point. But too, no one likes feeling claustrophobic. Etch and other materials help keep a space open, lit and more importantly, private.

If none of that tickles your fancy, that's okay too.

Back to peer pressure?

If it didn't work, so many people wouldn't be doing it...

So let us get started already, sheesh.


Don't let the door hit you on the way out..
... and don't walk through a glass door you think is open.

Advertising, notices, hours of operation - even a simple stripe to let people know that there's a door in the way. There's some innovative ways you can make your entrance more inviting. Increase privacy, security, or add some flash, the choices are almost endless.

One of the more amusing options is to "accidentally" switch the Push / Pull signs. Just sayin.

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